My name is Alexander Young. I am an experienced, forward-thinking executive who would love to join your team! I strongly believe that empowered and well-trained employees lead to company success. An example of this would be my recent B.F.S campaign which stands for: Better, Faster, Smarter. This is a challenge I issued to my team which has led to record sales, improved customer satisfaction and increased productivity.

Currently, I work as the Director of Customer Experience for EcoTech Marine. While I am passionate about my work, and truly love working for the company a recent buyout has given me the opportunity to explore other career options. I joined the EcoTech team as a Customer Service Representative in late 2012 as a recent college grad. My dedication and record of success allowed me to assume the role of Director in 2020.

When I’m not in the office, you can find me outdoors. I am a passionate sportsman who enjoys catch and release fishing, kayaking, and hiking. It’s not uncommon to find me watching the sunrise on the water or exploring a state park on Saturday and Sunday evening.

I also have learned to love cooking and exercising. My wife and I enjoy trying new recipes and living a healthy lifestyle. This has allowed me to lose over 100 pounds and keep the weight off for 5 years!